This geo-house with its shape, large-scale glazing and an opening at the top, utilizes natural phenomena for inner air-conditioning without using technical devices and offers an untraditional and pleasant and comfortable space for living.


It is a sandwich, reinforced -concrete shell with hard polyurethane foam thermal insulation. The outer surface is treated with a flexible cement damp-proofing. The interior is treated with lime plaster and a coat of paint. The frame-less glazed facade (45m2) from insulated safety triple glass glazing is anchored into wooden BSH glulam beams, the doors and French window to the west is made of triple glazing in an aluminium section. Round thermal insulating opening light shafts are polycarbonate, the porthole at the highest point of the shell is important for aeration.



By night cooling (slightly open porthole and doors on the ground floor in the regime of ventilation versus morning closing of the building) it is easy to get a pleasant, cool climate in the summer when the sun indirectly shines into the interior. On the other hand, in other seasons when the sun is nearer the horizon the interior is warmed up and lit through. The privacy and shading is achieved by means of vertical interior blinds.


Heating is solved by two independent ways – wood burning stove (Canadian fireplace wood heater Alderlea T6, single-block chimney Scancore) and by electric resistance cables in a ceramic Heat cell under floated tile flooring Creaton Estrichziegel.


Heating of warm non-drinkable water is done by photovoltaic system connected to the mains power system.